Akon is a financial advisory firm and technology company providing reliable, transparent, and personalised financial services to Individuals, Professionals, Employers and Businesses helping them accumulate and preserve their wealth.

Our spectrum of services include definition and prioritisation of your financial goals, creation of strategic plan to maximise the opportunities for wealth creation, prepare you for major life events such as college fund, retirement etc while incorporating tax saving and guidance along the way. We serve our clients locally and virtually nationwide.


Data Driven Investing

We use the combination of human intuition and power of technology to make data driven investing decisions and in turn safeguarding your financial future and helping you realise your financial dreams.



Portfolio Management

Diversified Investment Portfolio customised to your unique circumstances is the best strategy, Putting one together, take expertise and meticulous planning. The impact of the same , plays out over long term. We work with you to plan and invest in the right investments, giving you the optimum risk overall and maximise your returns.

Wealth Management

Prudent Wealth Management takes into account your complete financial picture. You can think of it as a tree with many branches. Your investments are one branch. A very important one, but works only when integrated perfectly with other branches of the tree. Our 4 step strategy works by thorough analysis of your current financial situation, moving on to definition of your prioritised financial goals, on to the evaluation of multiple financial and lifestyle variables before mapping out a course with the maximum likelihood successful outcome.

Retirement Planning

Retirement is not something people think about when they ought to. They often wait until it is too late. This leads them to miss the crucial opportunities and inhibit them from taking the full advantage of their various risk profiles along the way. We help you better plan for your retirement by initiating the process early to help you take full advantage of varied risk profile your career offers and maximise the gains on your wealth.

Financial Planning

Akon Financials is a pioneering financial planning company that provides a stable, detailed, aggregate view of your financial assets to clients. Akon Financials will help you plan every step of your financial journey by bringing all of your financial needs together in one strategy that accommodates both short-term and long-term goals.

Infrastructure Advisory & Consulting

We have extensive experience working on projects in Urban Planning & Architecture, Design Engineering Project Management, Energy and Environment, and Transaction Advisory.

Insurance & Risk Management

Through innovative insurance plans, Akon financials will assist you in retaining assets and liquidity of estate as well as mitigating potential risks.

Children Education Planning

Via meticulous planning, you can make a comfortable investment strategy  to save money for higher education. It is imperative that financial planning is worked out at an early stage to reach important goals without any hassles. Akon Financial can be of assistance in developing this program.

Debt Planning

At Akon financials, debt is a key component we can help you plan in your budget and set up a debt repayment plan to speed up your repayment for a healthy financial future. We can help you find extra money to spend on your loans in your budget. We start by mapping out your cash flow and helping you identify existing and potential problem areas before moving on to meticulously fix the issues.

Estate Planning

You have worked hard to build your property, and the planning of trust and estate is an important part to help preserve it. Akon Financials can manage trust and estate plan in order to meet your objectives. Our team will track the economic and legislative climate so that you can understand how your proposal might be affected.

Tax Planning

Stressed out about taxes? At Akon Financials we can make tax preparation and filling easy and convenient. While optimising your current and future taxes, we make sure you get the maximum eligible refund.
We help you to stay on track to your destination so that you can enjoy the journey.