"Your life is constantly changing – you need wealth planning tools and advice for smooth journey".
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Wealth Management

Prudent Wealth Management takes into account your complete financial picture. You can think of it as a tree with many branches. Your investments are one branch. A very important one, but works only when integrated perfectly with other branches of the tree.

Our 4 step strategy works by thorough analysis of your current financial situation, moving on to definition of your prioritized financial goals, on to the evaluation of multiple financial and lifestyle variables before mapping out a course with the maximum likelihood successful outcome. Our Financial team will be there to help you plan for the opportunities and challenges of life at each and every step of your financial journey.
We see ourselves as your strategic financial partners to guide you through your financial journey . We collaborate with you in person to develop a financial plan that is best suited for your requirements and make it sure that you stay on track on it.

Retirement Planning

Look at your retirement as a lifelong process and the planning of it ideally should start at the beginning of your career and continues as you accumulate assets and having a clear understanding of how you would like to retire. First envisioning what you want after retirement and then taking the steps to reach there is the right approach to meet your financial goals.

We at Akon financials can help you make the right decisions when it comes to planning and managing your wealth for retirement and help you envision the future for yourself. So depending upon what stage of career you are in whether you are early in your career, midway through your career or late in your career, Akon Financials can help you find the smartest investment options to build your wealth.

Insurance & Risk Mnagement

Experts at Akon financials can help you choose the insurance options that support the financial goals of you, your family, your business and develop a carefully constructed risk management strategy around it.

Akon Financials can help you with Business Insurance by building a business program that can help you to attract and retain the staff at an organization and along with helping you grow your retirement assets.

Life Insurance plays an important role in the financial planning process of any family. Akon Financials can help out in creating a life insurance policy to protect a family against any unexpected happening and thus helping the family to continue maintaining its lifestyle.

Managing your Investments

At Akon Financials, based on your needs and requirements and risk tolerance capacity, we help in putting together a diversified investment portfolio for you that maximizes your financial opportunities and gives you a successful outcome. We follow a personalized, customized approach to assist you in building your portfolio with a unique investment strategy to achieve your determined goals.
 With our deep insights on the market trends and data-driven investment strategy, we bring out the best investment strategies tailored to your needs.

Financial Planning

Akon Financials is a pioneering financial planning company that provides a stable, detailed, aggregate view of your financial assets to clients. Akon Financials will help you plan every step of your financial journey by bringing all of your financial needs together in one strategy that accommodates both short-term and long-term goals and then developing a comprehensive financial planning road map that will give you the confidence of knowing you have a plan that accounts for both your short and long term goals and makes it sure that you remain on track on it.

Portfolio Management

We successfully manage risk and rewards via agile portfolio management strategies. Our personalized portfolio management programs are structures to help you attain your most important goals. We help in managing an individual’s investments in the form of bonds, shares, cash, mutual funds etc so that he earns the maximum profits within the stipulated time frame. We help in managing the money of an individual under the expert guidance of our portfolio managers who helps in providing the best options for investments to individuals as per the defined criteria of their income, budget, age, holding period and risk taking capacity.

Infrastructure Advisory & Management

Our teams have expertise across the infrastructure spectrum, including urban development, energy and natural resources, transport and logistics, and infrastructure financing.

Tax Planning

Stressed out about taxes? At Akon Financials we can make tax preparation and filing easy and convenient and also while optimizing your current and future taxes, we make sure you get the maximum eligible refund.

We help you in optimizing tax planning by understanding your tax liability, all tax-related deductions that are already available to you and then evaluating all the tax-saving investments available in your best interest.

Debt Planning

At Akon financials,debt is a key component we can help you plan in your budget and set up a debt repayment plan to speed up your repayment for a healthy financial future. We can help you find extra money to spend on your loans in your budget. We start by mapping out your cash flow and helping you identify existing and potential problem areas before moving on to meticulously fix the issues.

Children Education Planning

With meticulous planning, you can make a comfortable investment strategy to save money for higher education. It is imperative that financial planning is worked out at an early stage to reach important goals without any hassles. Akon Financials can be of assistance in developing this program for you.

Estate Planning

You have worked hard to build your property, and the planning of trust and estate is an important part to help preserve it. Akon Financials can manage trust and estate plan in order to meet your objectives. Our team will track the economic and legislative climate so that you can understand how your proposal might be affected.